Union/U.S.C.T Civil War Tour

This tour will focus strongly on the Union occupation and the Union's role during the Battle of Helena.

As you visit key sites and homes throughout Helena, one of our expert Civil War guides will include interpretation on the African-American Arkansas state regiments as well as the U.S.C.T. This tour will combine the story of the Union garrison with the story of the freedom process that spanned from 1862-1865.

Your first stop at the new Freedom Park will allow for interpretation of the freedom seekers and the south flank of the Battle of Helena. You'll follow the transition of fugitive slaves from Union contraband to free men.

At the home of Confederate General Thomas C. Hindman, which served as the headquarters of the U.S. forces during the occupation, your guide will interpret the slaves taking refuge at St. Catherine's and the U.S.C.T. barracks west of the site atop Crowley's Ridge.

The Helena Museum of Phillips County features an impressive Civil War diorama that shows the battle in intricate detail. The museum also features Civil War-era artifacts on display. 

Fort Curtis is next, where you'll learn about the structure and its central position during the battle. Up at Battery C, you'll have the best vantage point to look out over the former battlefield and get an aerial view of Fort Curtis. Here, you'll learn about Batteries B, C, and D, as well as the role of the U.S.S. Tyler in the attack on Battery C. 

Your tour will end at the Delta Cultural Center's Visitor Center, located on Cherry Street in our historic downtown district. The DCC features a Civil War exhibit as well as plenty of Helena souvenirs!

Confederate Civil War Tour

This tour's interpretation will focus heavily on Confederate history and sites around town.

While many sites will include cross-interpretation, each will be interpreted more toward the Confederate story by one of our expert Civil War guides. It will also include a history of Helena's pro-secession movement and pre-war militia and militaria involving the Yell Rifles and Patrick Cleburne's command of local militia.

Starting at the Helena Museum, you'll get an overview of the conflict with a discussion around the large and intricately arranged diorama of the battle. On to Fort Curtis, you'll learn about the Confederate advance against the Union's defenses. 

From Battery C, you'll have the best vantage point to look out over the former battlefield (as well as enjoy a great view of Helena's Historic Downtown and the Mississippi River!). Here, you'll learn about Batteries B, C, and D, as well as the role of the U.S.S. Tyler in the attack on Battery C. 

The Confederate Cemetery is a great place to interpret the battle on the North side of town and learn about the roles of those who are buried here—Hindman, Tappan, Cleburne, Dobbins, the Fagan Six, and Rev. Major Sam Corely. 

The Delta Cultural Center's Visitor Center features a Civil War exhibit and plenty of Helena souvenirs. Here, you'll be able to do some shopping if you'd like!

Battle of Helena Tour

This tour will focus on the military actions that took place on July 4, 1863, in Helena.

Focusing strictly on the Battle of Helena, this tour will include information about the minutia of troop movements, commanders, battle plans, and battlefield interpretation by one of our knowledgeable Civil War guides

Starting at the new Freedom Park, you'll focus on Colonel William H. Brooks' advance on Little Rock Road as a diversion tactic towards the beginning of the battle.

From there, you'll visit the block-long replica of Fort Curtis, a Union stronghold during the occupation. Nearby, the Moore-Hornor home still has three original bullet holes from the battle.

Battery C is the perfect vantage point to interpret most of the battle—not to mention its sweeping views of Helena and the Mississippi River. From above the city, you'll get a full picture of the Union and Confederate strategies and movements.

At the Helena Museum of Phillips County, features an impressive exhibit of Civil War artifacts and an intricately detailed diorama of the battle. This building is also the oldest public building in the state of Arkansas. 

At your last stop, the Delta Cultural Center's Visitor Center, you'll be able to rest, view the Civil War & Delta Blues exhibits, and shop for souvenirs.