The Delta is home to diverse agricultural crops, from cotton to rice to soybeans.

Agriculture has played a central role in the history of the Delta—from the origins of Gospel & Blues music sung by slaves working in the fields.

We'll start things off with an energetic, toe-tapping Gospel performance by the 25-member Delta Heritage Choir. On the way there, you'll get an overview of Helena life & history, as well as a primer on how Blues and Gospel music emerged from the agricultural fields.

On this seasonal tour, prepare to get a firsthand look at the evolution of the varied crops grown here—corn, rice, beans, cotton, milo, sweet potatoes, and wheat—and how they've affected the land around them.

Then it's on to a local farm headquarters to explore the beauty of the crop fields. You'll learn about improvements in farming practices with the invention of modern farm machinery, advances in insect control, and irrigation technologies, which have in turn led to higher crop yields and larger harvesting operations. Modern-day farm machinery will be on display.

As you journey back into the city with your tour guide, you'll take in many of Helena's Civil War sites and Freedom Park and hear the story of the struggle against slavery.

Your next stop, the Delta Cultural Center, features the exhibit "Songs from the Field," which recounts the beginnings of Gospel and Blues music in the Delta. The DCC also has a gift shop stocked with plenty of Helena souvenirs! 

Then, it's down the street to the Wild Hog Saloon, where you'll be treated to a tasting of authentic Delta Soul Food while being serenaded by a live Blues performance!